Why Chinese Characters like a painting? 写汉字就是在画画?

Why Chinese Characters like a painting?写汉字就是在画画?

I have asked my students many times: ”why you hate Chinese characters so much?”

They always answered: “Because it’s too too difficult.”

“Where is so difficult?”

“It’s like a painting.”

The truth is that my students actually “drawing a character” when they start to write Chinese.

But Sharon teacher tells you that actually our Chinese character is not so difficult? And it originated from painting (It’s not official definition and just my teaching experience) .

Let’s see following samples.

Original character for “” and “” are like drawing their shape on paper, but now they are changed. We call these characters “象形字 xiànɡ xínɡ zì(Pictographs).

Nowadays, in order to write Chinese more easier, we have strokes”笔画bǐ huà” to help us.

For example: 日,we don’t drawing this character, we use strokes. (笔画)


What’s stroke (笔画), we will share the class next time.


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